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Welcome to the Centre for Women's Health


We are pleased to introduce our newest doctor:

Dr. Mary Caracoglia
Naturopathic Doctor

Naturopathic services are covered under extended health insurance. Services include natural anti-aging aesthetic treatments, weight loss and detoxification programs

We are very excited to tell you about one of the first multidisciplinary medical clinics in York Region specifically geared to meet the health care needs of women. Our health care team includes female family physicians, a social worker and a naturopathic doctor whose collective mission is to facilitate the availability of comprehensive and informed women's health care to all women residing in the Regional Municipality of York and surrounding areas. Our mandate is to

  • provide women's health services (see Services for a complete list)

  • educate patients and providers around women's health issues

  • provide an active leadership and advocacy role with the goal of promoting women's health services within the region

  • form strong collaborative partnerships with other women's health providers and agencies with the goal of ensuring optimal informed care, and coordinated timely access to specialized care, for women in our community.

Physicians at the Centre for Women's Health will address a multitude of women's health issues, including but not limited to osteoporosis, menopause, contraception, prenatal care, obesity and menstrual disorders. We will also provide comprehensive annual complete physical examinations and basic screening tests including cholesterol testing, mammograms, and osteoporosis screening. Referrals from other health care providers are accepted, but are not necessary. The Centre for Women's Health will also offer counselling on an individual basis for weight management, post-partum depression, marital and couples counselling, stress management anxiety and depression. Call 905-773-4444 for an appointment.